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Trav felt the ice cold wave crash over his head and face as well as the taste of salt in his mouth. He guessed he had finally made it to the ocean. Unfortunately he had no real time to enjoy that as Jerry was squirming underneath him.

All things considered the landing off the takedown had gone better than expected. Jerry hadn't managed to shoot or stab him which meant Trav had time to work, he didn't know for how long that would be the case or how well Jerry would be able to defend himself but he in a perfect world Jerry wouldn't get that chance. They weren't sparring and Trav wasn't being nice, this was a real fight. Jerry was trying to base up and push himself out from under him. Trav leaned back for a split-second as another wave crashed into his face and felt Jerry turning. Trav obliged and crossed his right leg across Jerry's body, fluidly passing straight over into side control.

He pressed the forearm of his left arm into the side of Jerry's face and used his right hand to hold the back of Jerry's leg. Then he started slamming knees into Jerry's gut.
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