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Jerry hadn't been hard to find. Trav had just followed all the yelling.

((Travis Lynch continued from What if I told you...))

Trav's lungs burned from the duration of the run but it was a good sensation. He hadn't been able to fully exert himself during his time on the island so the run had been good for him. Sadly the circumstances made everything worse. All Trav could think about was how guilty Jerry was.

Then he saw him, standing on the shoreline. Trav dropped his pack off his shoulder and increased his pace, breaking into a full sprint.

Jerry had killed Toby, shown no remorse and then tried to run from it. The games were over.

His footsteps were loud as some of the rocks shifted. Jerry turned to see him and Trav saw his eyes widen like a deer in the headlights. He tried to back up but soon his feet found the water. Trav dropped down as he got close and slammed his shoulder into Jerry's gut, wrapping his arms around his legs. With a grunt of effort Trav lifted Jerry up and carried him further into the water before slamming him down in the surf with all of his weight.
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