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The boy was a snake. Trying to squeeze himself out of the situation any way he could. Did he really think that asking Coleen to change the topic would work? Was it some attempt at a joke? Either way, it was idiotic. Almost like he was trying to die. Arthur stood and watched, his eyes blank. Emotionless. Was there anything he could do? Was there anything that he should do? He felt like an accessory.

Arthur figured he might as well ask.

"Any way I can make myself useful?" he asked, walking closer to the door.

He'd stopped caring about how this would look to his family by now. They'd been an afterthought for the past two days anyway. He'd slept in a room with a corpse, watched two people die, pulled weapons out of corpses, threatened someone with a paintball gun, and now he was possibly going to be an accessory to a third murder. Arthur knew that his sister had already been thinking less of him. Nothing left to change.

Nothing left to lose.

"I could pin him down, if you want."
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