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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen threw her head sharply to the left. Her hair bounced out, darted back in, washed over her face and itched her nose. It was not the desired effect, and it only served to irritate her even more than Alessio's words had.



Alessio did not get to play any card that involved the two of them pitying him. He didn't get to cower weakly and shiver, not when he was a goddamned murderer who had just killed again, fresh blood seeping from a freshly dead wound. Not when he had taken her friend, her sister in arms for a band that helped find more than one stage in life that she could be comfortable on. Somewhere where she had been accepted. You don't just get to take that from her and then expect to get off easy.

This time, it was her left hand dedicating itself to sweeping the messy, tangled strands of hair away from her eye and over her ear rather than letting the toss of a head do it for her. The rifle's muzzle swayed even more erratically but only for the moment it took Coleen to fully expose her face. She needed to see all of Alessio, hate him, be disgusted with him. The emotion disgusted her as well; just as much as she felt a pit in her stomach just by looking at the sad sack of a man her classmate had become, there was a sense of filthiness that came from feeling the way she did. She was now pointing a gun at a living human being. On the one level, it pulled at every sense of her humanity.

And on the other, she really couldn't be arsed to give a flying fuck about Alessio's well-being.

"Answer me!" Coleen shrieked. Her eyes felt dry, but they could not close. They only opened wider, her chin quivering. "Answer me, why did you kill her!?"

She was going to kill him. She promised herself she would.
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