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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Jerry Fury continued from The Scarlet Garden))

Finally, he could stop running.

The docks were less than ideal a hiding place, Jerry decided. He was briefly thinking about stowing away in what looked to be some sort of supply building underneath the helipad, but there was some sort of ruckus going on in there and he wasn't having any of that shit. The goal was to avoid Trav, but he'd rather not end up in front of Alvaro or anybody else like that, any real big name. Trav hadn't actually killed anybody, yet.

Of course, that was all set to change the moment he got his hands on Jerry, but hey. That was for the Jerry of tomorrow to worry about. Right now, Trav was probably past the creepy old chapel-looking building and back towards the asylum, where there were lots of hiding spaces to look for poor ol' Jerry Fury.

Jerry chuckled to himself, kicking some pebbles across the rocks. Smooth sailing from here on out, eh?


Yeah, this was too easy.
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