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And of course, it all went to hell. Both literally and figuratively.

Alex had decided to take a third option and be even more of a pain in the ass than he already was. Trying to grab his gun while Crowe screams his fucking lungs out.

And it was then Will felt sudden pain down below. Fuckface Crowe just hit him there with the knife. Repeat, he’d just gotten low blowed with a glorified knife taser. Will had felt zaps before when he'd touch doorknobs or a wire. Never had he felt such pain magnified right to his dick. Even so, his grip didn't let go of the gun even as Alex was grasping for it. Hell, his grip tightened around it as he knew if he let go, there was no coming back from that.

He jerked from the pain emanating from the knife and saw him in the dark, Crowe. Stabbing people in the groin like the sick bastard that he was. Will did the first thing he could think of and kicked him as hard as he could in the face.
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