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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Jerry Fury continued from Hemochromatosis))

Now he was actually starting to feel it. Jerry was a terrific runner by any metric. He was certain people would agree he was one of the best, if not THE best runner, in school. At least, the ones who didn't get all hoity-toity about the fact that he didn't want to participate in the cross-country club or whatever. It was funny, honestly... he considered running an activity or a way of locomotion, a way that people who aren't lazy and fat got from their couches to the grocery store to buy an ice cream sandwich.

If there's anything running across this stupidly shaped island had taught him, it was that running was a sport to be respected. It ALSO told him that the genius who decided to make crossing the bridge punishable by necksplosion was a TOTAL DOUCHER and deserved to have an explosive collar affixed to his nuts.

He was coming up on the garden now, a pretty little sight. Or maybe it was pretty once upon a time, before it became all overgreen and creepy. The willow tree was a nice touch, but also spooky as balls.

Jerry made the tactical decision (one borne of bravery and NOT pussing out on approaching anybody who may want to possibly kill him for any slight, real or imagined) of running around the group he could see congregated in the garden. It's possible he could double back, maybe try to give Trav the slip, maybe have him meet up with these bunch of something-somethings and have them direct him towards the asylum, a place Jerry definitely did NOT want to return to.

"Heh... he went that-a-way," Jerry quietly panted to himself, taking a hard right and booking it for the ocean. Maybe if he quietly, cautiously doubled back to those docks he passed...

((Jerry Fury, continued in Wombo Combo))
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