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Serena had leveled the gun and pronounced the sentence and Mel had opened her mouth in response. To say something, to object, to bring up something that seemed that have mattered at the time. But then things changed. She'd always reacted on impulse. This time, she hadn't. The moment of hesitation she allowed herself robbed her of her chance to react.

Oh, she still reacted, in a way. She got the hell off Alvaro once the gunshot rang out - once she no longer knew that Serena wouldn't fire right into their faces.

As he fled, she felt that burning anger again, same as the beginning. That flame licked at her insides and scorched its way up her throat - then she choked it dead before it escaped between her clenched teeth.

Serena was right about at least one thing, and that was that they couldn't just let him go. They were responsible for this. She'd avoided responsibility before. With Cameron, and with her schooling, and with all the other things that she could have done here to help others but that she hadn't done. Instead, she'd only limited herself to abstract things, things that stuck an imaginary middle finger up at the terrorists.

This was different from hearing the killers' names on the announcements, from knowing that Nancy had killed Sandy and having no desire to hunt her down. Alvaro had been here in the flesh and murdered in front of her. She couldn't let that go.

She was responsible for this. It wouldn't have mattered if they were simply stranded on an island and there were no terrorists. It didn't matter that the terrorists had goaded him into this. He was a murderer, a danger to others - and one that had been in their grasp. She needed to chase him down. She needed to at least try. And if everything went wrong, she would end up just like Irene.

No more thoughts. She pushed off again and was after him almost before the gunshots stopped.

((Melanie Beckett continued in Man in Three-Piece Suit Eating Omelette with Hands))
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