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Oof, her bag was heavy. It was only getting slightly less heavy by the day. Should she set it down? Though, was Jeremy the type of person to take it? Possibly, yeah. She wouldn’t blame him if he tried. To be honest, she’d do something similar if she was him. But, she slid it off her shoulder anyways, and rested it on the ground near the door. If he tried to take it, she knew what to do. Even if they were friends, it still didn’t change what was going on.

As Junko slid back up, Jeremy continued talking.

Junko stopped smiling.

He hadn’t just given up. He’d assumed that everyone else had, too. He’d assumed she had. He was apparently looking for her, as if she was some princess that needed saving. No, worse. He’d assumed that once he’d found everyone, they’d just bunker down, like waiting for the end of the world or some shit. Or maybe they’d, god, she didn’t even know. Commit mass suicide, maybe?

That wasn’t what Junko wanted.

Survive until something happened. She didn’t remember when exactly she came up with that mantra, but it was what she’d been telling herself this entire time. It worked well for her. She had no idea how many people were dead now, but it meant something. The name Seneca rang a bell, and it felt like Jeremy had told her about him before. Junko was never big on philosophy, she didn’t think. But Jeremy was, and… did he think it was a good idea to wait to just go belly up?

Junko tensed up. Her heart started pounding. She was shaking.

No. Tara had thought the same way, too. Thought that they were all going to die someday or something like that. And where was she now? Dead, killed herself maybe. No, Junko was different. Even if she had to die, she had to go down fighting. If she fought, she could at least say she tried.

Her muscles tensed.

And here Jeremy was, saying something similar. Junko heard herself seethe. Her fingers tightened, her white knuckles contrasting against the wooden bat. That fizzing feeling got worse, and then… it popped.

“Shut. Up.”

Her voice was a low growl. For a second, Junko didn’t recognize it was hers. But she wasn’t thinking. Not too much.

Instead, she stomped forward.

Then, she swung towards his face.

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