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Can you hear me?
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Emma put a finger to her mouth, and looked around. Again, she still wasn’t sure if the terrorists were that petty. Last time Jaime did something like that, nothing had happened. She guessed they needed them alive for as long as possible, just so… well, the other students finished the job. A shudder ran up her spine at the thought. Maybe they weren’t that petty, but Emma wanted to stay on the safe side. They’d killed Tessa for damaging a camera, so she wasn’t sure what else would end with them stepping in personally.

Tessa. The mental image of her slumped in the chair still stuck with her.

Nothing happened, though, and Amanda continued.

She really was thinking the same thing she was, wasn’t she? Kind of. Emma thought it over. Would it have been right to shoot Kaitlyn? On one hand, they just let a killer go without realizing it. They even let her have more weapons to use. If she used that bomb on someone, wouldn’t it mean that they were indirectly responsible? It wasn’t like Kaitlyn wasn’t acting suspicious, either.


Emma didn’t know what to say.

Tell her.

“I’ve… been wondering the same thing too.”

It was the truth. She hated it.

“I keep thinking… what if we run into someone like Nancy or Isabel? We all know what they’ve done, but… I don’t want anyone to do anything rash. In case, you know, we run into them.”

Nancy, Isabel. Murderers. Big ones. She hated them, but if she ran into them, she didn’t want to do anything stupid. She had all the reason to. And Kaitlyn had taken advantage of them. Lied to them, pretended that Mia had died differently. Let Mia die a cruel death. She didn’t even seem to feel bad about it.

Emma shifted nervously.

“Kaitlyn lied to us, too. There’s no doubt about it. She didn’t even seem to feel bad. I feel like…”

Spit it out.

“I feel like, in the future, we should have some kind of plan for dealing with people like her. Or, heck, even if we find her. Maybe, if she comes back, or someone else-“

Emma felt for Amanda. She looked nervous, and unsure. Jaime was probably going to outright suggest violence again, but Emma didn’t feel exactly comfortable with that. There was one thing Emma knew, and that was that she didn’t want to end up a murderer. There were so many reasons why. And yet, as the hours went on, it felt more and more like an issue. She hated it. She didn’t want to do it. Even if the solution they came up with involved violence, she still wanted to stick to her values.

“We can’t become killers though. It’s just not right, I feel.”

She hated Kaitlyn. She hated Nancy. She hated Isabel. Some part of her even hated Alvaro, and Jasmine, and Kimiko, and all the other people who could be killing their classmates right now. It was disgusting. But, they didn’t deserve death, did they? Would it make them any better?

It seemed like there was an easy solution, and yet, it wasn’t staring her in the face.

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