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"Lili? Yeah, I spoke to her some. She's cool, I guess I always respected her style even if I didn't understand it."

Lili and Darius. A combination almost as strange as... Ben and Raina plus Penelope. Ben couldn't have envisioned how Lili and Darius could ever have been in the same room without sniping shitty insults at each other. But that sorta shit had changed anyways, his mind's eye was well devolved. If he tried to envision it now... Lili. Darius. One room, one roof. A couple of guns, a pool of blood, a few broken corpses. The new normal.

He lingered on the image too long. Another betrayal from his mortal brain. Ben dourly meandered, past both Raina and Penelope. Inadvertently put himself in spitting distance of the pile of summer time barbecue that had once been a human being, and he stared because his eyes were also retarded like the rest of him.

"I should probably stick close to you guys, so I won't split off until we've got a route established." He was talking out into the void between himself and a splatters worth of Ben Fields on the grounds below the helipad. It wasn't really his conversation. He didn't know this Johnny dude, ace as he sounded if two girls were hankering for his ass.

"Lili marches to the beat of her own drum," Ben vaguely remembered. He wasn't even sure who he was addressing. "Dunno if seeking her out will accomplish anything."
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