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Penelope tapped her chin in contemplation.

"Yeah, I know Lili, kinda. We haven't talked that much but I know her."

Penelope continued tapping her chin while looking at the charred roof of the helipad, contemplating what her friends wanted to do and how they should go about it. Ben wanted to go scavenge for supplies on his lonesome. Raina wanted to go find her presumable ally Johnny, a boy whom Penelope vaguely knew existed but had never really talked to.

"Okay so... Ben," Penelope turned her attention towards him. "You go ahead and try to scavenge a bit, if that's what you want to do. Raina might have some extra herself, but more stuff is never a bad thing. And then..." She paused for a moment. "...once you find whatever you can just meet us back at... wherever Johnny is."

"As for us..." Penelope squeezed Raina in another brief hug, nuzzling her head against Raina's shoulder again and doing her best to ignore how she smelled. "...we'll go get Johnny."

Penelope paused for a moment, taking her head off of Raina. "Now that I think about it... where even IS Johnny?" She asked, before continuing on, "...And also, why did you guys get separated? If it's okay for me to ask, that is."
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