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Maybe Vanessa had been too trusting before, because Kait was certainly showing that unsettling glimmer in her eye right now.

None of this was about ‘doing what they had to do’, not as far as Vanessa cared; this was about revenge for her best friend, plain and simple. Anything that happened beyond that was the fucked up consequences of the terrorists’ actions, but that didn’t mean she had to go along with what they wanted for even a moment. Alessio was only getting his because he’d decided to go the route he had in the first place.

Stlil, Kait did make a good point about the chair leg. “It’s got a nail in it.” She pointed out in its defence, but she knew that it was only going to do so much in the long run. If Kait had guns ‘n’ ammo and was willing to share, then she was hardly in a position to decline.

So, against her better judgement, Kait’s suggestion won out. Vanessa was still against indiscriminate murder, but at least this way she’d be hanging out with a friend, company she could really use, and get something out of it at the same time.

“Alright, you’ve got a deal. We’ll go find Alan and then play it from there. Who am I to say no to a gun, anyway?”
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