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For a moment, Cass felt sorry for Jerry; being hit with the entirety of Trav's newfound coldness. They supposed it had been a bit too soon to accuse Jerry of having any sort of callous dignity. Blustering and flailing, scared half out of his mind while he pleaded for his life. It wasn't hard to imagine him making the worst mistake of his life in a flustered haze of pain and fear. That didn't justify anything, of course, but maybe it meant he didn't deserve everything that was coming towards him.

That shred of sympathy was blown away as Jerry dared to wash his filthy hands of guilt and blame everything on the dead, tried to imply that it was only just that Toby had died before Trav could say goodbye to her. As he fled, abandoning his hapless companion to be ripped apart by blind, righteous fury; devoured by oft-beaten dogs who now knew only hunger and the ripping of flesh.

Thankfully, Trav wasn't a metaphor and Matt would go on with his life. Cass was taken aback for a moment as he broke down, absolutely convinced that he was about to die. While Jerry's terror - of one who would only think about the pain they had caused when they were about to face consequences for their actions - was darkly satisfying, it looked like Matt's worst fault was his really shitty taste in friends.

Cass felt slightly sick to their stomach; knowing that even though they wouldn't hurt Matt, that didn't make his fear any less real, make their accidental death threats any less direct an attack upon his sanity. Even if it was illusionary, for the first time in their life Cass now held absolute control over another human being's life; and they would have given everything to go back to being safely useless.

"You don't - we're not gonna hurt you," Cass mumbled shamefacedly, believing in Trav's better nature to make those words true. "We're not like him."
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