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Okay, so maybe Jerry was afraid of Travis, that wasn't a big deal they could both probably take him WAITWHAT

Jerry was running away. This was, hm, a sticky situation. Does he run after him? Does he run away from Travis? What the fuck is he supposed to do now?

He looked between Travis, the direction Jerry ran off in, and the corpses. This looked bad. This looked real bad.

"Don't kill me." choked out Matt. He could hardly talk. Sure, he was staring down someone who was probably keen on beating him to death. And sure, he was totally unarmed. From a certain point of view, Matt was ripe for killing. Practically begging for it, if you asked someone like Nancy or Alvaro or Isabel. He had to start talking his way out of this, fast.

"Listen, I didn't even help him kill, uh, Toby. He was gonna kill me too!" He was starting to yell. He hated yelling.
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