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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Oh. Oooooh no. Ooooh no, oh man oh fuck oh no oh FUCK.

Jerry was staring at the one person he didn't want to run into on this island today. And with him having the distinct impression that some of the same names were starting to appear on those morning lists, that was something of an accomplishment. See, Jerry didn't remember hearing Trav's name at all. That meant that he obviously hadn't died (well... duh), and he hadn't exactly killed anybody.

Well, not yet. Boy oh boy did he seem about ready to flip that switch.

"Just in case you were wondering?" Jerry mumbled to Matt, tense and at the ready to start running at a moment's notice. Every strand of every muscle in his legs was telling him, over and over and over again, to run. "I'm not giving up the gun, 'specially not right now."

His calves weren't shaking, he lied to himself. He could win a straight-up fight against Trav, he fibbed again.

He remembered just how that kick felt.

"What, do, uh... hef... you mean here?" Jerry gestured. "Yeah no, this, um... this ain't- this wasn't us, dude." Of course that wasn't what Trav was referring to, but it was the topic Jerry wanted to stick on for the moment. "We got here and uh, Nancy Kyle, I think Matt said? Her? Yeah. Her."

He took a step back.

"'Sup, bro?"
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