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See, Kaitlyn was starting to realize to herself why she needed this. It was the check and balance aspect. Yeah, go off. Meet up with Alan and all the mystery and danger that would come with it.

Bring Vanessa along. A backup. A kindred spirit. And one you controlled; even better. Keep that trump card in your pocket.

And you win that way.

So Kaitlyn was absolutely not about to let Vanessa get away with begging off like this.

"Yeah but... look you're not some crazy kid here Vanessa. I mean, obviously I'm not too cause I'm not going for my gun and shooting you right now, right? So..."

She took a step towards Vanessa and lowered her voice. Secrets between friends, huh?

"Isn't it better if we, y'know, do what we gotta do, but keep it to those kids that are nuts like that? Don't it look better at least?"

Yeah. Best of both worlds. She grinned and stepped back.

"'Sides, you got like... a chair leg there. Are you gonna take out anyone with that? I got a gun and a crossbow. You help me out, we can see about giving you some help for 'Lessio."
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