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Sara Corlett emerged from the elevator into the lobby.

It had been a few days since she came down. It's not like she had any reason to, besides getting more alcohol. Being dead for as long as she had, all of her friends were long since gone. The only company she had were the ghostly staff of the place, who barely talked even when she tried her damnedest to get them to. Every day that passed she considered leaving far more strongly, what with the old movies she had available to watch starting to run low, and her imagination only getting her so far when she spent what felt like centuries constantly awake in a hotel with barely anything to stimulate her.

What she would do for a good book right about now.

Sara downed the last bits of the bottle of vodka she was holding, before tossing it in a bin and groggily looking around the lobby. Employees walking around as if they were actually busy, like normal.

Her eyes scanned over the place as she walked towards the bar to get a few drinks, only to stop in her tracks when she saw a few teenagers on one of the couches.

She knew how this place worked. She had been alone, as far as she knew, for a really long time. New people meant only one thing.

It happened again.

Sara started moving over towards the new arrivals awkwardly waving her hand in the air to get their attention. She was just as socially inept as she was even before she died, being seventeen for several years having completely stunted any mental growth she could have achieved.

Hurrying over, Sara finally got up to the couch, pausing for a second to search for words before speaking.

"So uh... sorry to interrupt your happy reunion I guess, but... it's been a really long time since I've seen any real people in here. Did... did you guys get kidnapped during a class trip too?"
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