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Closer now. That gun pointing at him. Everything could end, at any moment, in pain and blood. The old terror was in him now, wild and terrible, and he did not try to fight it. He let it ride through him, gave him the edge he needed, the energy and the mania.

All this shall be lost
Like tears
in rain

But it would't be lost. The cameras were rolling. Alexander David Tarquin might well die, but he would die as the man who had mastered their game, even when he'd lost it.

On guard, Rainsford

He was so so so so so afraid.

The gun was pointed at him. Will was speaking his words of danger and accusation, words that hit hard. Alex searched deep, tried to marshal the ones he needed, the fitting last lines for the villain he was supposed to-

The crackling of electricity. The bellowing of a madman. Will was spinning around, pointing his gun at Crowe as he plunged across the room and-

And the moment was now, because when the fall is all that's left it matters, but when you can dodge the fall, wrench yourself upright, claw your way out of the ravine and cling tenaciously to every scrap of life, that's what you do.

Alex twisted and lunged in a low tackle, knocking Will off his feet as the thunder of his gun sounded through the room. The gun the gun the gun that could end them in an instant, so Alex was struggling for it, trying to knock the weapon from Will's hand.
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