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He was stammering, and it sounded like a fish. Was he scared of her? Probs, yeah. Seemed to be a thing here. Funny. Come to think of it, Junko had assumed that everyone else had done something douche-y ever since they’d woken up. Then again, Jasper had asked if they could just get along, Tara was doing this “we’re gonna die anyways” thing while burning herself, and Hannah… she just seemed nervous. Then again, the only people she’d encountered before she got here who hadn’t died thus far were… damn, Hannah and Jasmine? Darius got shot by Will, Nancy apparently got Leslie in a two-pack kill, and Tara… committed suicide? Maybe? And Jasper got shot by Alvaro. So, yeah, Hannah and Jasmine. And Jasmine was a killer. So, there you go.

So, was Jeremy that nervous? Maybe, just maybe, that was a good thing. They may have been friends, but if he tried anything, well… she wasn’t holding back. For a moment, she felt a twinge, an unpleasant feeling, but she pushed it aside.

Junko stepped closer. The bat remained in her hands, and it felt like a part of her. Like her arm or leg. That fizzing increased, like it was only going to foam out of her pores. But her steps were slower than she realized.

He was looking for “people.” Well, “people” could mean anything. People, do stuff, what? Too vague. Too very, very vague.

Junko stopped for a second. She looked him over.

“Before what?” she asked.

She processed the information. Then she smiled.

“Jeremy… are you giving up already?”

Closure. Did that mean he was already certain he was going to die here? Maybe that was true. But you know what? He wouldn’t be the first. Tara had asked them how they’d like to die, and she’d told them she’d promised herself something. She wouldn’t die like Graham. She wouldn’t die like Darius, or Josh, or Bradley, or Tara, or Jerry, or Leslie, or Jasper, or Wayne, or Danny, or anyone else who’d been on the announcements.

Junko wasn’t giving up. She knew one thing: she was never going to die like that.

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