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It was Junko.

It really was her.

He finally did it he finally made it he got to someone he found her she was here she was right in front of him she was alive she was okay she was everything floating through his head running wild in his brain he was happy he was ecstatic she was here she was his friend she was uninjured and he was here. With her. Everything was going through his head at once. Thoughts. Statements. Expressions of happiness. He knew it wasn’t really normal but he didn’t care she was here in front of him maybe she wasn’t on his list maybe he had accidentally forgotten but that didn’t matter she was here now he had found her maybe if it happened to him maybe if he died he’d at least know that she was here. In front of him. He’d know that he had found her and-


She’d asked a question to him, hadn’t she?



“I’ve been doing okay, I guess. I’ve been trying to search for people. Do stuff with them. Give myself closure.”

He looked away for a second. Looked around. Turned his eyes back.

“Sorry, I’m just sorta happy I found you. Before… y’know.”
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