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"Alright then, I'm as bad as you. I've killed and so have you." He held up his finger as he started going into his point, fucker trying to guilt trip him regarding the shithead, even beyond the grave Darius managed to find ways to piss him off. "But there's a big difference between you and me." He didn't know why he felt the need to justify himself to Tarquin, known murderer and wannabe villain in training, but something about what he said pissed him off enough to do so.

He shrugged to himself before continuing. "I'll enlighten you then, he tried to rob me while I slept, didn't stop when I woke up and told him to fuck off and acted like a shit the entire time."He twirled it once more in his hand as if to compound his point before he continued. "As for you, Rea didn't do shit to you, she was as innocent as can be and that's why you're gonna die." He cocked his gun and aimed at Tarquin once more.

And that was all fine and dandy till some fucking lunatic with shitty hair ran in with a knife screaming. If anyone ever wondered what someone snapping sounded like, they would just have to look back at this.

Michael Crowe's lost his damn mind

He only saw the knife being lighted in the dark before deciding fuck that, and fired off into it.
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