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He was giving her the excuse answer. In a way putting the blame all on them scaring or some bullshit like that. Of couse that's why Barry looks like he does now, or Irene just a few feet away.

"Figured you'd say that, just take responsibilty for what you've done asshole."

It was then Aiden asked that question. The one thing she wanted to avoid the entire time she was here.

Should they kill him?

"...We can't let him go, he'll just kill again." She couldn't believe this was happening, they were just there to get a car, not act like glorified vigilante's, but Alvaro's already shown himself as unstable. He can't be trusted, not after everything he's done.

She was tempted to tell either of them to take the gun from her, just take it and end him while she looked for the car, but that wasn't fair to either of them, they'd already been through their fair share of horror.

How would they back home feel about this? She hoped to god that they didn't watch her do this. She looked at a nearby camera, That was staring straight at them. Getting the best view of it all as possible. A lump formed in her throat as she forced the words out. "Mom, Dad, Jordan." She stopped for a bit, looked over at Mel and Aiden before continuing. "I'm so sorry, please don't watch this." She had to do it. If they let him loose, then what? More people die and it would be on them.


She steadied her aim at him, gun feeling like it became heavier and heavier as she asked him. "An-any last wishes or words you want out Alvaro?" Whatever he said wouldn't stop this, he had to know that by now, but it was a courtesy, even if he'd gone out of his way to not deserve it.
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