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Flailing blows, Crowe and Alex rolling apart, Alex's machete somewhere in the dark, Alex's other sword digging into his back. He moved sinuously through the dark, hoping Rea's avenger wouldn't find him, hoping-

To no avail. There was Rea's avenger, spinning in his gun, a shadow in the dark every bit as theatrical as he was. The Announcements droned to life around them, and Alex could suddenly recognize the man in front of him. Will McKinley. Had Rea and him been an item? Things began to make a lot more sense, the accidental narratives they'd created, heroes and villains and avengers.

Will was offering him a choice.

I'm going to die

Crowe was off in the dark, and had been preparing to strike him down. Rea's avenger was there, just out of reach, tall and gaunt and terrible, with his gun in hand. No chance of getting lucky from this range, no scrapes along the scalp. This man would put an end to him, one way or another.

Die like a man or die like a worm?

When the fall is all that's left

The choice was not 'die like a man or like a worm.' The choice was 'die a man or die a legend.'

Alexander David Tarquin flashed a grin up at the man with the gun. He raised his voice in a proper theatrical style. "Man or worm?" he shouted, laughing a little. "You're a child, Will. Playing their game and pretending it's vengeance. What did Darius do to you?" He laid back against the cold, slimy ground, hating the feeling of the water sloshing around him, showing none of his disgust on his face. "In this moment, you are fit and I am not," he said. "Play, or don't play. But don't lie to yourself. You're no different from me."
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