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As the shot went off, he could hear the sounds of scuffle as a tub was kicked over. Dirty water spilling over the already flooded room. As they both fumbled away with Michael crashing into a sink, but Will didn't care about him. He was secondary right now to the real piece, the boogeyman that haunted Will's thoughts since that first day.

As Will moved towards them, Michael bolted like a bat out of hell, out of sight and out of mind for Will. The sounds of him frantically searching through the lockers was compounded by the familiar sound of the announcements coming to life. And the voice he'd come to think of as pure evil rattled off the tally from yesterday. Including his very own murder of Darius. His mistake. He couldn't let that stop him though, not when he was this close.

"You heard him Tarquin, I've killed before and I ain't fucking afraid to do it again!" It wasn't long till he saw him up close. He looked like utter shit. Not at all like he was that first day. Will thought it was fitting for him, and it'd be even more fitting once he had a bullet in the head.

"You gonna get up and die like a man or lie there and die like a worm?" He punctuated that question with a twirl of his gun, they always did that in the movies to show they meant business. And right now it was all business. "That's the only choice I'm going to give you, more than you gave her, remember?” It would all be over soon.
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