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Raina didn't buy into the idea whole heart, if her expression was any solid evidence. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Penelope seemed happy to accept it as an answer.

Ben felt the nag of misgivings dig a biting cold right into his temple, brain freeze courtesy of chilling thoughts. Could he trust Raina, Penelope even? When their respective ideals were high in the sky and their collective asses were dunked in the earth's mud and rust? What was it he was marching his ass around for at all?

He was a soldier.

"Get your dumb ass over here and stop being lame...!"

Wasn't his job to question orders. Ben lazily raised his hands half mast in a brief white flag's worth of shrug. "Guilty as charged. I just thought I'd be a bit too gnarly from the sweat, didn't want to ugly up your reunion." Ben put out the lame with the rest of his misgivings, got as close as he dared so they were a group of two point five heads instead of merely two. He'd let them have their hands to each other though, not like he had any business getting involved in that.

Reek wasn't especially noticeable. Locker room memories at worst.

"Either of you two need me to hunt out anything for your plans I'll do it." Ben's expression was a neutral conversation, he regarded each girl with a dead eye as if something inane like homework was the topic at hand. "I'm thinking I could leave the two of you to your reunion and scavenge for supplies, actually... Two or three days of water between Penelope and I, about. We were able to get some rain water to refill our bottles. Food might be a bit more tenuous."
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