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The door opened, and everything stopped.

There was a person, there.

One he recognised. A face. A name. Memories of time spent together memories of school memories of chatting in the playground memories of playing Street Fighter together memories of being with his friend. One that he knew about. One that he had remembered. He had forgotten to put her on the list but that didn’t matter. He found her. She was here. She wasn’t like the others, currently unknown. She wasn’t like Josh, killed far too quickly for him to even think about trying to find him. She was here. She was in front of him. Her face was one that after however long he had been here he got to finally see again.

The gun lowered.

His breath stopped.

The world disappeared from around him, if only for a second.

There was a joke.

There was a way that he could respond. That’d be funny. That’d distract him. That’d make him believe for just a moment that everything was just as it was before.

But that wasn’t what he was thinking of right now. She was there. In front of him.

He finally found her again.

“Wait, Junko?”
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