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As far as Penelope was concerned, that answer was more than good enough.

"Okay!" She declared triumphantly, throwing her arms up in the air in excitement before catching Raina in another brief hug. "I knew you'd at least understand... and hey, if you figure out a way to get us out of here, I'd be glad to go back home rather than stop existing, even if..." She cast her eyes down, taking her hands off of Raina and grabbing her elbows. "E-even if stuff won't really be the same again..."

Penelope clenched her teeth, doing her best to stay strong in spite of the death happening all around her. She was the leader, if she broke down, how could she expect everyone else to stay strong. She looked back up at Raina, before resting her head against Raina's shoulder. "What's important right now is that we're here, together. And whatever happens..."

Penelope lifted her head off of Raina's shoulder, and took hold of her hands again, smiling and doing her best to be cheerful. "...I'm sure that with you and I together, we'll get the good ending, for everyone."

Her attention immediately turned from Raina over to Ben, who had helped affirm her just moments before but was still keeping his distance. "Yo, Ben!" She called out, waving one of her arms in the air. "Get your dumb ass over here and stop being lame! Or are you going to just brood by your lonesome?"
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