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Matt shrugged. So Jerry didn't take him as the type of guy to go out of his way to kill psychopaths. That was fine. "Well, I'm ah, a big fan of self-defense. Gotta get them before they get me, right? Preemptive strike and all that." In a way, he really couldn't say that he didn't appreciate Alvaro and Nancy. Less people on the island meant less people who were going to try and kill him sooner or later. And he could appreciate the transparency, too. Knowing that someone was going to try and kill him. That was better than guessing.

"Pretty good," said Matt, sounding not at all that enthused with Jerry's sharp wit and one-liners. Time to pop the question.

"Well, uh, I was wondering if you could give me your gun. I mean, I'm unarmed, and uh, I'm a great shot. I used to go shooting all the time." Matt was lying. He hadn't held a gun in his entire life, but he figured that it couldn't be all too hard to figure out. And hey, he was on Pissfuck Island. He'd have to learn or he'd lose, and he wasn't keen on losing. It was like getting thrown into the deep end. Sink or swim.

Two people. Jesus, this must look bad. Talking about killing people standing over a bunch of dead bodies.

Matt was going to yell back that they didn't kill these people when one of them called out Jerry's name. He knew Jerry's name. It was Trav.

"Oh shit."
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