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It was an unexpected offer, to say the least.

“What, you mean like some kind of ‘criss-cross, I kill them, you kill them, we’re all winners’ deal? I don’t know, it sounds kind of…”

Fucked up?

She’d been absolutely planning to settle the score with Alessio, and she was going to do so, but he was the only person she had beef with. Yeah, this whole thing was about being the last person standing, and as much as she was trying not to think about it too hard, sooner or later she was going to have to come face to face with introducing people to the Grim Reaper. Still, she was really hoping she could avoid it until absolutely necessary (which ideally would be never, not counting Alessio); going out of her way to help Kaitlyn settle her own score would in turn make her a cold-blooded killer.

On the other hand, she was starting to get lonely since she split off from Jae, and the remnants of her best friend hanging from her wrist wasn’t doing much to help that. She may have been a killer, but Kait was still kind of sort of her buddy, at least from softball anyway. Hanging out with someone who was headhunting certainly wasn’t typical, but then that was exactly what she was doing, so maybe she shouldn’t be being so judgemental.

The indecisiveness was written all over her face and came out in a long sound of uncertainty, as she turned the chair leg in her hand.
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