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"Well... first and foremost... it's not an escape plan." Penelope began, looking down at the ground to avoid the inevitable look of disappointment from her friend.

"I don't think I'm smart enough to figure out how to break out of a game designed by the best, most evil minds of a generation." She said, her tone somber. "Basically... you know how they told us that if none of us hurt each other for an entire day, they would just detonate all of our collars?" The collar sitting around Raina's neck and her own neck became all the more difficult to just ignore as her words slipped from her lips. "My idea is... get everyone together, and have everyone just... stop fighting. For a full day, and then... well..."

"...We all die."

Penelope bit her bottom lip. Saying her plan out loud without all the embellishments made it sound so much darker and so much more pointless. She needed to state the point, in order for Raina to get it and not just find it unacceptable. "But!" She started up again, acting more triumphant. "If we do this, we'll have shown them that they can't just take a bunch of innocent children and force them to kill each other, or at least not every time. We'll have shown them that we're better than them, and... even if we'll all be gone..." Her voice gained a tinge of hopefulness. "...I-I'm certain that our solidarity in the face of oblivion would inspire the world into doing more to... to fight these guys. So this never has to happen to anyone... to anyone ever again."

She took hold of Raina's hand with both of her own, in an attempt to show solidarity. "Th-the way I see it... if these terrorists had been regular, old fashioned terrorists... we would all already be dead, vaporized before we even knew what happened to us. A-and... and that's okay. Some lives get cut short tragically, we got unlucky. At least this way we get to make the best of it."

"And in the end..." Penelope lightly squeezed Raina's hand. "...we'll all be travelling into that dark void after life, together." She smiled softly, still averting her gaze. "Nobody will have to die alone."
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