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((Travis Lynch continued from Wash It All Away))

Finding Toby's killer had turned out to be extremely easy, something that was both incredibly ironic and upsetting. Not that it truly mattered. The next few minutes would decide what the life expectancy of some people was anyway.

Trav hadn't properly spoken to Jerry since he had caught him during their sparring practice. He hadn't thought anything of it, people never enjoyed getting slept to begin with. So it was understandable to him that someone like Jerry hadn't wanted to discuss it or even think about it. It had probably destroyed the entire facade he had created around himself. But those thoughts were too emotionally charged, so Trav shut them out. He didn't even know what had happened beyond Jerry stabbing Toby and Toby ending up dead.

Obviously the picture that painted was one where Jerry was guilty and Trav, for his part, was having a very hard time trying to be calm and rational when presented with his best friends killer. This wasn't just someone who had taken liberties in a sparring session. Someone like that could be dealt with, Trav knew this because had done it before. Sometimes people needed to be reminded that they weren't hot shit.

Which brought him back to Jerry Fury.

Trav hoped the fact that Jerry was talking about killing along with Matt while stood next to a corpse when he and Cass arrived wasn't an omen of some kind. Still, he prepared for the worst and hoped to be surprised. It was probably naive of him to think like that, but he didn't want to hurt Jerry if he didn't have to. Despite everything that had happened violence was still the last resort.

At the same time. He needed to know.

"What happened Jerry?" He called out to the pair.
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