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“Yeah.” she nodded at Jaime, before realising what she had said. ”No. No. Maybe.”

But Jaime was half right.

“But yeah, we just let a killer out there. She lied to us, but we were still the one’s who let her get off our sight. I mean we all knew something was wrong when she was picking up scraps from dead people right?” Her voice was rising more than she noticed. She wasn’t just upset that Kaitlyn had tricked them. She was just as much upset that she had been tricked.

“We had a chance to stop her, but we didn’t. I don’t know what the fuck I want to do when we find her, but I feel like we gotta fo that.” But it wasn’t just Kaitlyn who had killed. Nancy, Isabel, even Kimiko was killing people out there. What was she doing talking like this? What would finding her even accomplish?

The gun was still there. Lying on the ground as if simply waiting to catch her attention once more. She almost hated it now. And yet she was even more afraid to be without it.

“What if she- Do we want to- When we-” She paused. The words had suddenly stopped coming out right.

She had pointed the gun at Kaitlyn without thinking. She could have done it. If her fingers hadn’t been trembling at the trigger, she might have done it. If Kaitlyn hadn’t stopped right there, maybe she would have.

"Should- Should I have shot her?”
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