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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jerry jammed both his hands in his pockets and looked over his shoulder at Matt.

"Kill them?" he asked, quirking up one eyebrow all 'The Rock' style. "That's something I wouldn't have expected out of you. Unless you've finally figured out how this works?" Jerry did his best bit of dramatic flair by pulling his hands out of his pockets and holding them outward in some 'heeeeeey!' gesture that he hoped at least looked a little good on camera. Either that or he looked like a tool. But fuck that, he was a LIVING tool, and that meant he wasn't coming in last place in this little game.

"Kill or be killed and all that shit. If Nancy and Alvaro are bad news, we can get rid of them." He killed before - in self defense, he was quick to remind himself - and had no particular qualms about killing again if it meant he got to live to see another day. "But I don't like the sounds of this favor."

He turned his shoulder in so he could more properly face Matt. "What is it? Don't be like 'please don't kill me', we already covered I'm not capping your ass or I would've done it on the bridge. Probably while spouting some James Bond one liner like... uh, I don't fuckin' know."

Jerry thought for a second.

"I'll cross this bridge when I come to it. How's that?"
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