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So now Aiden had himself a right gun, yeah.

Well, he had an arm. Alvaro's arm, which was holding the gun. Either way, betcha didn't expect that to happen.

And Alvaro was just down there, beggin like the miserable fuckin prick he was. Straight up killer. How goddamn stupid did ya have to be to do that? Here wasn't like home sure, it wasn't Kingman. But Christ Jesus, did it matter that much? He was still Aiden, he was still fuckin Beaks here, Serena was still herself, Mel.

Scarls had always been herself.

"I... I... FUCKS!"

And fuckin Alvaro. And the rest, Nancy, Ramirez, Kimi. 'Lessio Rigatoni had two kills yesterday. So he wasn't able to get it. He just didn't.

He looked over to Serena. His voice dropped, and Aiden wasn't sure he was really saying it.

"He ain't fighting. Do we-- Do we shoot him?"

Left it there.

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