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"I'm not... Jesus."

Sticking it? Seriously? Well, literally too.

Kaitlyn bit her lip at that.

So what exactly was Vanessa's angle here? She was going after that Alessio kid, that much was obvious. And that worked for Kaitlyn. Long as it wasn't her. And she wasn't showing the fear.

Kaitlyn couldn't help but be impressed. Cause maybe she could work with this. After all, she had someone of her own to look out for, didn't she? Someone who knew exactly what'd happened with Mia and could cause trouble with that. Someone who was kinda losing it himself. Someone who wouldn't be missed.

And someone who Kaitlyn knew was gonna show up somewhere specific tomorrow.

"Hey, maybe we can help each other out. Get each other's backs, ya know?"

That old thrill rolled itself back in her stomach. And it wasn't cramping this time. Hopefully.

"Alan told me he'd be at that chapel tomorrow. I wanna head there. He was... he was really starting to lose it when I took off from him. Like, dangerous. And... if you help me out with him, I'll totally help you out with that Alessio, if we find him.

"Whatcha think?"
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