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The world was laid around Jeremy. A room. Empty. Silent. Lifeless. There were chairs and tables. There were pieces of paper, on the walls. There was a door behind him, but there was nothing else. There was a room, around him. That was Jeremy’s world, right now. A room. An office in an asylum on an island somewhere far away from where he used to be. There were people out there. He knew that. There was a whole world behind that door. He knew that. But right now, as the air caused his lungs to start growing again, he couldn’t think about anywhere else. There was a room, around him. That’s all there was. That was Jeremy’s whole world.

The knocking on the door brought him back. The voice called. He spun around, gun coming out into his hands.

“Who’s there?”

Maybe, had the circumstances been different, his choice of words would have been deliberate.

It was not, though. The fear could be heard in his voice. The anger. The rising up of what he had wanted to hold down ever since that moment with Scout, in the church.

The gun was pointed at the door.

There was a whole world behind it, and for the first time since he woke up, Jeremy Frasier was scared of what was out there.
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