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((Matt Moradi continued from here.))

Jerry was yelling again, and interestingly enough this time he had a decent reason. They were stuck on this side of the island - the place was big, but being limited to only one half of it made Matt feel nervous. Like he wouldn't have as many places to run and hide when things started to turn south. The announcements weren't much of a concern to him, however. Just people he didn't know who would've tried to kill him eventually. Competition.

Still, coming face to face with one of Nancy Kyle's victims wasn't exactly high on his list of things to do. Jennifer Wallace. She looked pretty good, all things considered. I mean, she was as dead as they came. Rigor mortis definitely had enough time to set in and flies were starting to show up, but still! She didn't look half bad right about now.

Next to Jennifer was someone remarkably less good looking, however.

"Fucking shit. Who the hell is that?" He had absolutely no idea. Maybe another one of Nancy's victims, or maybe they just happened to have died close to Jennifer. He wasn't really keen on figuring it, right now. Right now, he was hungry. He needed food. Maybe he shouldn't feel so hungry after seeing two dead bodies? Well, Sandy kind of raised his expectations. Rotting, waterlogged corpse? Now that was something that could make him reconsider eating.

"Nancy Kyle did this, I think. She's a fuckin' bitch. We should kill her if we see her. Alvaro, too. Fucking prick."

Sure, Alvaro hadn't killed his friends. That didn't matter. What mattered was that Alvaro was dangerous. Sure, he could appreciate him removing some of the competition for him, but he might not survive a second run in with him. He didn't have anything. He felt naked. And hey, he figured Jerry was going to turn on him sooner or later.

"Hey, uh, Jerry. Can I ask you for a favor? It's kinda big."
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