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Michael turned his head just in time to see the poster child for the IRA pointing a gun at them. Will you motherfu-GAH!

Alex flew towards Mike, the back of his skull colliding with Michael's face. My face! That was my good side you fucker, you're gonna pay for that!

He flew back first into a nearby sink, the mirror above it shattering. Michael let go of his axe to shield his head on the way down. He heard the familiar clap of a gun shot as he smashed face first into the water.

"I'bbl' gbbkinb' gbbcht' yerr' grrr'king' bbbbicthkgrrr'!" He cursed through the water.

Well this kinda changed things didn't it? Now there wasn't really much chance of playing vigilante. If he wanted to see Darius or Jonathan ever again, he had to get out of here before he got his ass shot! Michael pulled himself out of the water as his hair hung limply along his face. Shit he'd have to fix that later, if he could. He adjusted his shades and grab- wait, where the fuck was his axe?!

Michael spun around in the water, grasping for his axe almost comically. Well, it would've been comical if it happened to anyone else. Right now it was happening to him, so it wasn't that funny. He turned his head and saw Will, still there, still pointing his gun.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-" Screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the axe, screw the aaaaaaa-haaa-haaaaxe!

Michael scrambled to a half-crawl, half-run and bolted towards the lockers next to the shower stalls. As he ran, the announcements sprung to life. Taking cover outside of Will's line of sight, he ignored it, opening various lockers, had to be a weapon, had to be something here! A pen, a shirt he could use as a garrote, anything to get away from these fuckers! He didn't sign up for th-

"Back to business, Darius Van Dyke finally shut up after William McKinley put a bullet in his brain. So if you hated him, send your thanks Will's way."

"send your thanks Will's way."

"send your thanks Will's way."

Michael's hand reached to his side. Will got Dee? No fuckin' way... He almost couldn't breath... Outside of Jonathan, there was nobody else. All his friends were dead... He felt a lump in his jacket... Wait a minute... He pulled it out. It was Jerry's shock knife. Michael stared at his reflection through it.

Well this kinda changed things didn't it? His best friend's killer was right fuckin' there, and he was gonna run away? Naaah. Fuck. That. Scene.

"send your thanks Will's way."

Michael felt adrenaline course through his veins.

Michael was gonna give Will his thanks alright... Gaddafi style!
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