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((Kimiko Kao continued from Seediq Bale))

The rest of the day had been uneventful and eventually Kimiko had holed up in the cavernous library, picking a small corner to eventually fall asleep in. She had probably managed an hour or two before her dreams forced her awake, sweating. She rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times, getting reacquainted with her unfamiliar surroundings. It seemed to be early dawn based on the light level, so she still had a few hours until the announcement was due. It was going to be important for her to pay attention to it, to at least try and get an idea of who was doing what and if possible who had a gun she could potentially get.

She had fully committed to her plan and all she needed to do was carry it out. But she intended to be smart, making rash decisions had gotten her nowhere. She rolled her injured shoulder, a reminder of what her lack of planning had done. Her should injury combined with the wound on her leg severely weakened her, walking and moving her arm was a matter of painful effort. It was good though, the pain would keep her focused and serve as a lesson to be careful.

On the subject of being careful; she hadn't cleaned or redressed her wounds since she had bled all over the staff lounge. Dying to an infection once she got the end of the game would have rendered everything pointless so to avoid that Kimiko rooted around in her bag to retrieve a bottle of water and the first aid kit. It put everything in her daily life in a stark contrast. She had taken for granted being able to wake up, have a shower, walk downstairs and have breakfast. On the island she couldn't sleep due to nightmares, her shower was pouring water on her wounds and breakfast was a protein bar. The food was starting to get to her. Nothing but bread, crackers and protein bars wasn't what she wanted to eat for five days straight and while Kimiko knew full well that the terrorists would have given them enough to survive off it was clear that the longer everything went the more in demand food and water was going to become. The pizza she had been given after the first day had also become more of a curse than a reward. It had helped her avoid the reality of the food situation for a day meaning her return to reality had been a hard one.

Kimiko patted the bandages around her leg as she finished applying the fresh ones, leaving the bloody used ones on the floor. Just another item that would become a relic of their time, like the spent bullet casings or the weapons people no longer had any use for. Servings as signs of their struggle that would remain long after them. Kimiko thought about where Cristo's spear could have been, would they have left it in Bradley? Or thought it too valuable to leave behind and Bradley's body become another victim of the cynical pragmatism they needed to survive?

She ate the rest of her breakfast.

The announcement played. Three people had killed with a gun, she made a mental note of who they were. Of course one had been Nancy. That hadn't been a surprise. Alvaro had killed again, Kimiko thought that meant he had as many kills as she did but she couldn't be sure. That left Will McKinley, if she was remembering the right person he was big and potentially strong meaning he wasn't a good target. She removed his name from her mental list.

That was when she heard a thump from a different part of the large what she had thought empty room. Another stupid mistake. Quietly Kimiko rose to her feet and swung her pack over her shoulder along with the nodachi. The tantō unsheathed and held tight in her hand. It had tasted blood now and she knew it would have to taste more if she was to make it out alive. She stalked through the room, scanning the shadows until eventually she found a figure on the floor.

It was Nancy.

Maybe she wasn't bound to hell just yet.
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