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((Nancy Kyle continued from If It Bleeds, It Leads.))

Nancy had hidden in the asylum for the rest of the fourth day. There were close calls, of course. She didn't want to deal with people. Not after what happened with Jennifer and Leslie. Her face still hurt. So she silently stalked the building like a phantom, avoiding people whenever possible.

She tried to recall who the biggest killer in previous versions was, and how many kills they'd gotten. She could have sworn she'd heard about it once before... somewhere. But of course, memory is a fickle thing, and four days of poor sleep didn't help matters.

They really didn't help matters.

And so Nancy found herself behind a shelf at the very back of the library, her head swaying forward. She strained herself to keep her eyes open.

She blinked a few times, before rubbing her eyes. She couldn't fall asleep now. If someone came and found her...

She vaguely registered the announcements coming on, vaguely registered her name being announced again. She vaguely registered the announcements.

She didn't register herself tipping to the side, as the four days on the island finally took their toll.
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