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"I... uh..." Penelope began, unsure of how to word everything that happened. "Lots of crying, for one."

Penelope let out an intentionally awkward laugh, before trailing off. Her time on the island had been hard, but that wasn't the focus right now. She was together with her best friend, and perhaps more pragmatically, she had the chance to win over another ally. "...I guess, more importantly, I've been trying to put a pretty neat plan together."

She eased herself off of Raina slowly, just enough to be able to actually make eye contact with her. "The basic idea is just... showing the terrorists what for... so to speak, I was thinking we could-"

Penelope was able to get a good look at Raina's face, and she wasn't happy with what she saw. The bags under Raina's eyes were evident, and the problems she had with insomnia immediately came to the forefront of Penelope's mind, shoving out all other thoughts in favor of extreme concern. "Oh... oh gosh, Raina. You haven't been sleeping have you?"

She resumed hugging Raina tightly, before the girl even had a chance to respond. "Oh man I'm so, so sorry. You probably don't have your medication on you and... and..."

Penelope looked for the words. There wasn't much she could say to make up for what Raina had likely been going through. She spoke up anyway, trying her best to offer condolences. "I can't imagine how terrible it's been. I'm... sorry for all of this, really. I wish I could help."
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