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Can you hear me?
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((Posting ahead for deathz))

He... took that literally, didn’t he? The joke here was that cowboys were the least Scottish thing out there. There was no such thing as a Scottish cowboy, was there? Maybe there was, but she’d never heard of one. But, joke was ruined, even if it was barely funny to begin with. Damn it. Ah, well. Ruined jokes weren’t the worst that could happen here.

Junko frowned.


But she smiled again. Maybe he could help, in some way. More supplies couldn’t hurt. Maybe he had something special, too. What, she didn’t know, but he could surprise her. Maybe he had something other than awful bread. Gummy worms, maybe? Nah, don’t count on it.

Once again, there were noises, just lurking in the background. Junko’s smile faltered for a few seconds. Same person? Maybe. Someone was… doing something. But what, though? What sort of activity involved shouting and running around at full blast? Was someone being attacked? Nah, didn’t sound like it.

“Actually, you know what? You can help by staying here and… looking pretty, I guess?”

Maxim didn’t look pretty. It was hard to, with disheveled hair and vomit all over your clothes. Looked like he hadn’t had a shave in a while, too, but then again, she’d be surprised if there were razors and cream here.

“But yeah, I’m going to find out what that was. I’ll be back in a sec, probs.”

With that, Junko’s free hand pointed at her eyes, then back at Maxim. Maybe he’d take the opportunity to leave, or maybe to attack her. She hoped he didn’t. It’d suck for him if he did try something. Junko moved from the door, and stepped towards the direction the sound came from. She wondered if this was a good idea. Maybe Will was still here after all. Maybe it was Alvaro, or Isabel, or Nancy. Hell, maybe it was Caedyn, but- oh shit, that’s right. She’s supposed to be off to get an award thing. Huh.

Right away, Junko saw a door close. She felt herself tense up. But her lips curled again.

Her bat gently hit the door twice.

“Knock knock.”

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