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Will continued his way down the hall carefully. Whoever picked this place to hide out was a smart one, cans all over the place made it difficult to be stealthy, same with the water. It's what convinced him he was down here. It'd fit how he acted back then perfeclty.

Clinging to the walls, he followed the sounds till they stopped, for a second he wondered if he had heard him until he could hear something faint as if someone else was there with him. Someone else out to take him down? You'd think that would make him happy, instead it made Will hurry along the path, still taking care not to disturb the cans or the water. Tarquin was his kill. Nobody else's.

When the faint sounds became more and more clearer. He turned his head around the corner and saw him. The one he'd been looking for, he'd been right to check this place out, his hiding place. He could make things right again.

No more mistakes.

He walked out from his spot, he didn't know or care whether he had a gun at this point. If he was gonna die, he was gonna know Will did it.
"Tarquin." He had his gun out at this point, aimed right at him. He noticed there was someone else there as well, Crowe. Hard not to notice with that shitty hair. Looked like he was about to try and take him out. Fuck that. He took aim and fired at them.
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