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Lily munched on a bar that she’d taken from Isabel’s bag earlier. She was out of them and Isabel had said she’d share. No harm in taking advantage of it. The food remained as bland as they always were.

The announcements came and went, and Lily wrote down their names like she always did. None of them mattered, except in the practical terms. Not even Alvaro murdering again. The only name that was of some wary interest was Caedyn. But Lily was surprised it took her malicious, dreadlocked moron of an ex this long to kill anyone.

Isabel opened the door. She started to leave, and gestured for Lily to follow.

Lily did so. As she did, she saw the corpse that had once been Asha. She wrinkled her nose and tried to block it out. She saw the halberd and thought about taking it, but even if she could carry it she couldn’t carry it discreetly.

She just had to wait.

That was all she had to do. It was the only reason she was still following Isabel.

She was not afraid.

She was just cautious.

((Lily Caldwell continued in End of the Line.))
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