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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Caedyn Miller Continued From Hunter's Season))

Coming back to the garden just felt...right, for some reason. It was some kinda weird circular fate thing, y'know? Maybe in a little lighter mood she would have said Ja was guiding away from Babylon, or something dumb like that. She never knew what any of it meant, and she didn't really care. It was just another thing to piss off her parents and make her stand out over all her boring classmates. Well, she didn't need anything else to do that now. Between the blood, the gun, and the name ringing out over the island, she stood out plenty.

Which was a bitch, because right now she was trying to get by without being noticed by anyone else but Jazzy. It was shocking to see here, but she couldn't say anything to her yet. She was too close to Alba and whoever was around the other way. There was a voice or something over there, but it wasn't loud enough for her to make out anything. For now, it didn't matter as long as Alba didn't see her. She stayed low in the brush and tried to stay around Jazzy's field of vision, with the big tree between her and Alba as much as possible.

Jazz had to see her now. Caedyn's hand came up in a quick wave as she held her gun up to her lips, trying to urge her to stay quiet. They had to get closer. Then maybe they could deal with these losers and talk about yesterday. Or forget about yesterday in the rush of it all and just move on. That sounded pretty great as a plan of action.
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