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Hannah listened. The first part was helping. Everyone lost someone, and even though she didn't think any of it could be Noah's fault, she couldn't help but be angered when she found out who it was.

How could he talk so casually about Irene being dead? Sure, he said that she mattered, but it didn't match up with how casually he mentioned that she was dead and that he was alive. She had sat down on the bed partway through Noah talking. It wasn't something she thought consciously about. She just felt like she couldn't stand anymore.

A weird paranoid part of her brain thought that he had mentioned Irene because he somehow knew that Hannah had failed her. She knew that the odds of that being the truth were close to impossible.


She was suddenly aware of her wet face again and put her hands up, covering it to try and hide from the shame of the words she was about to say.

"I failed her," she blurted out.
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