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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Jasmine Reed continued from Kiss Land.)

Jasmine slapped a hand over her mouth. Her arms, her hands, her knees were trembling.

She clutched the falchion in the opposite hand. When she first clutched it, it felt like a ton of bricks. Now, though, with the adrenaline and fear in her veins, it felt light. Like a cloud.

She could kill Min-Jae. Jae did not know Jasmine was there. Jae was injured. Jae was trapped. Most importantly, Min-Jae killed someone. That meant he was a possible threat.

Killing wasn't what scared her though. Nor was the appearance of a second person -- with a gun no less. No. It was who Min-Jae was, or, rather, Min-kun. She liked to call him that. Min-kun. It was cute. Min-kun was cute. There was a time when Jasmine wanted to go out with Min-kun, before she realized Jae hated Jasmine, hated being called Min-kun.

Anxiety, social or otherwise, glued her back to the opposite side of the willow tree. At an angle neither Min-kun nor Alba-tan could see. Jasmine did not call Alba that, not out loud at least. She had no attachment to Alba-tan. Alba-tan had a gun but that did not seem to stop Min-kun from confronting her. Jasmine imagined him pointing the crossbow at her, leveling it at her chest and pulling the trigger. She also imagined Min-kun missing by a mile, causing Alba-tan to shoot him in the forehead.

It was funny how comfortable she felt about death, about killing. She could thank Caedyn for that.

Caedyn wasn't... here though.

"Just wait it out. See if one of them makes a move."

Jasmine almost wanted to deny her best friend forever. Just step out from behind the thick trunk, wave and say hello. But Jasmine was scared. She already lost Kay. Caedyn was still alive but she was at the dangerzone. On the other side of the island. All Jasmine had to do was wait it out. But that required Jasmine to stay alive. She could not take any chances. She had to listen to Caitlyn.
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