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Finally, Alessio could stretch himself. It kinda felt numb, but blood finally flew through the body parts he had not been able to move.

Alessio was not trying to do anything. Why would he? There was no need to cause trouble.

"Thank you."

Now, time to eat.

"You won't regret this. I'm not a monster. I have not kill-killed because of evilness. I had a reason. But that's over."

So, Alessio walked to Maria's bag. He saw the sword of Maria next to it, but decided to ignore it. All he focused on were the things inside the bag. He got onto his knees to pick things up. Energy bars. He put one out of the bag, put it out of its paper bag and put it into his mouth. He swallowed. Energy.

"Sh-shit happens, okay? Having killed someone is the past. You don't have to remind me of it."

Actually, the sword was good to have, so he wrapped his palms around the saber. Why should he not take it?

"Why do you even judge me? There are so many other people on this island who have killed. Why me?"

Everyone who was kind of smart has killed. Everyone with a survival instinct.
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