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Isabel breathed hard, each breath agonizing, her whole body trembling.

She felt incredibly cold. Her body's reflexive shivering made her trembling even worse. Weakly sitting up, spots appearing in her vision as she did so, she grabbed her tattered, blood soaked sweater and slipped it back on, the metallic stench even more overpowering than the smell from the blood that had dripped off of her and onto the floor and table she was lying on.

Laying herself back down, Isabel wracked her only weakly conscious mind for what else she needed to do. She had lost a lot of blood plasma, making up for that would require food. She looked over at the ground, futilely reaching her hand out to her open duffel bag because she didn't want to sit back up and risk fainting.

Still, she needed to at least eat something, and soon.

Slowly she lowered her legs onto the floor and stood back up, only barely catching herself against the wall after losing her balance, dark spots reappearing and clouding her mind. Grunting from the pain, she reached down and grabbed one of the calorie bars out of her bag, along with some water, before returning to her position on the table and munching on it, sipping from the trembling bottle between bites. The bar tasted foul and dry, but Isabel didn't mind. She had water, she needed the energy if she was going to heal, and the searing pain throughout her body was far more uncomfortable than the taste of the bar.

It wasn't long after she finished the bar and the bottle of water that Isabel lost consciousness.

Isabel's eyes groggily opened to the morning light. She was still alive, if still in utter agony. Lily hadn't tried to kill her while she was vulnerable. Good sign, maybe they could really be partners after all.

Weakly sitting up, spots no longer appearing in her vision, Isabel glanced at Lily, who was rummaging around in her bag for her notepad again. She still wasn't bothering to look at Isabel, keeping her eyes trained downwards as she waited for the announcements.

Okay, maybe there still was some animosity there, for whatever reason.

Isabel eyed the door to the hallway cautiously, as the announcements roared to life. It seemed that Asha's friends hadn't tried to break into the room during the night, despite the fact that Isabel had been incredibly vulnerable. Were they waiting outside, ready to avenge their friend... or had they just left, abandoning their friend's corpse due to the trauma of losing her?

Isabel didn't really know, but she hoped that she wouldn't have yet another fight on her hands.

Lowering her legs to the ground and reaching into her bag again, Isabel grabbed another calorie bar and water bottle, engorging herself as the announcements rolled, her back against the wall.

Another day passed where Isabel didn't win the BKA, figures. She scowled as she stuffed the last bits of her meal into her mouth and downed the last of the water in the bottle. At this point she was almost convinced that the terrorists had it out for her in particular. Maybe they wanted her to fail, despite the fact that she was playing their game exactly how they wanted her to play it.

Rolling her eyes as she closed her bag and collected her assortment of weapons, Isabel hoisted her bag up. Breathing hard just from that basic exertion, Isabel extending a lightly trembling, pain riddled arm in Lily's direction, motioning for the two of them to leave as the announcements stopped.

Opening the door cautiously, Isabel listened intently as she peeked out into the hallway. She heard nothing, she saw nothing, only smelling the stench of Asha's corpse out in the hallway.

Fumbling her bag open again, Isabel popped open one of the bottles of painkillers and downed a few of the pills to the best of her ability, wanting to ease the pain she was in more than anything.

Hissing and grunting with each step, Isabel made her way down the hallway in the direction leading out of the asylum, her shadow quietly following her, and the halberd sitting, forgotten not too far from Asha's body.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in End of the Line))
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